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Jack, Easkey, Co. Mayo Ireland Aiden Crotty, artist

Jack’s Aunt Catherine and her partner Joel live in Easkey.  Jack lived with them from late October or early November in 2006 until early Spring of the next year. Catherine wrote, the following describing how the painting came about:
The artist’s name is Aidan Crotty. He is a good friend of ours. He met Jack and they became good friends. They went surfing together and for long walks. Aidan takes lots of photos, and he must of liked the one of Jack. One evening we were having dinner in his house, and Jack wondered into Aidan’s studio and saw the painting. I think he was pleased.
The pages I brought over [for the Memorial Service at Gate’s Camp] with words about Jack. You may have read them. One was written by Aidan and one by his wife Naoime and by her mother Imelda and her father Cilian. There are about 20 pages in all. Jack was loved by so many here.

The walls Jack built on Catherine and Joel’s farm.

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